I got 3 t rex dna out of my 24 hour incubator


Today i opened my 24 hour incubator which i lost 6 battles to get and i opened it today and i got 3 measly t rex dna and the rest was baryonyx and for you information i never see baryonyx in the wild its not at level 15 and i need t rex which is at level 15 to help create my first legendary indominus rex i got bumped out of sorna marshes and when i was in there i got none of the dinosaurs that were shown there im done with arena for now cause i keep getting delt bad hands of sinosaurs even though i have a good team and go up against teams way more powerful than i am and i sont have the right dinosaurus to fight them im only 70 dna away form indominus and im not even close to any other legendary dinos im just upset im throw me a bone ludia i pay vip and please dont make fun of me have autism and had a rough day today and i dont need anyone teasing me thanks


Aww man I wish I was lucky enough to get that much baryonix DNA. Drool…