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I got a free premium incubator!


So what’d ya get out of the premium incubator?

This is probably one of the most well written articles out there. Everyone should read this and let it sink in!!! Bravo!


@MNBrian awesome read Brian!



As normally @MNBrian did a great write up. But it makes me ask one question to Ludia that i know i will never get an answer for… why does rng need to fix itself… if it has to fix itself it means the system has to break. Something thats been disputed on these very boards by people claiming that its all in our head.


I got this article out of the incubator… strangest thing ever. And some irritator gen 2 of course. What do I do with over 100k of it?


By “fix” he does not mean that the game actively corrects itself, just that over the course of time, the more times you encounter random events, the more they will even out.

Imagine the classic coin flip example: If you try this, and I suggest you do IRL, take note of the first 10, 20, even 50 or so flips. Inevitably, you’ll see streaks of all heads or all tails. Sometimes you’ll see them right away, sometimes it takes awhile, but the sign of true randomness is the existence of these streaks. If you were to give me two sets of results, one real and one faked

Now, keep flipping. Let’s say 100 times in total, keeping track. Once you’ve written these all down, count up the head and tails, let’s say every 10 flips. What do you get? What will undoubtedly happen is that as you look at your results, they will (probably) start out at something like 30/70 or 40/60. But, as you add the next 10 and the next 10, etc… those numbers get closer and closer to 50/50. Why? Does the penny have a “self correction mechanism” in it? Of course not. The answer is that the larger your sample size, the more likely you are going to head towards the average (not away). - This as a pretty cool visual analysis of what random actually looks like, plus a cartoon that’s pretty appropo.

TL;DR: The more you battle, the more the percentages will bear out but you need to count ALL the results, not just the ones that did not work out in your favor. This is comfimation bias and it’s most commonly what people experience.


No dont panic guys it was a glitch unfortunatly

Look at the people who put a heart on my post. If i was taking what he wrote the wrong way i imagine he would have said something.

Responded in the other thread! :slight_smile:

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I laughed lol


I got 10000 erliko dna
haha jk I obviously didn’t :joy::joy:

actually i read your article and i’m agree, u explain really well how RNG impact in the community and the pros/cons about that. I pregudge what i was going to read bc some time ago i read some articles in MH and they were really bad ones (i think that ones were wrote by another guy, i think it was pocemon) so my apologies about that, keep up the good work man.
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I don’t write opinion pieces.

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