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I got a new precious today


Monomimus Mike!

Would I be better off having my suchotator or tany in my team instead of dracorex? Suggestions to improve my team welcome. :slight_smile:


I’m always against DracoG2, so yes, Suchotator is a good choice… bleed can be essential sometimes… And Sucho is easy to level up.

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I was against Draco gen 2 for a long time, on moral and self respect grounds… but I recently caved because I got sick of it whoopin’ ma butt. I see it as pretty much a cheat that will almost certainly get nerfed soon but until then, if ya can’t beat 'em…

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I did the same, but just leveled it up to 15, which is required to make its hybrid (I’ll do that someday). I refuse to go further than that because of the potential nerf. And lv15 is too weak for where I am now.

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