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I got a tryko

This is supposed to be one of the beat dinos if I’m correct so I plan on putting her on. I just need to know who

If you have any suggestions I’ll be glad to hear them


Emu say either indom or Thor since both are chompers I say more indom since you already have Erlidominus

Smilo or Thor

Indominus. You have Erlidominus, so i think This is the best option…

I’d probably get rid of Thor. Indominus is always useful, and Smilocephalosaurus has great swap-utility.

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I’d say bench smilo.

Bench thor. You need a swap-in

Indominus/Thor I think.
Thor kinda sucks in the endgame lol

Tanky Trex.
personal fave.

Really balanced creature and does well in a good amount of situations. takes on procerath’s like a champ. (or almost any speedy creature) I’d replace indom with her.