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I got it!

After almost a year I finally got Indoraptor! Yay


Indoraptor is the strongest

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I hope your ready for it


I do have the Indoraptor right know in fact I have more than 12


Don’t stop there, go for the gold!!!

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The Indoraptor is the best hybrid

I am curious how one gets more than 12 of any creature?

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I think he is hatching some and might include those,or those that he fused to make a 11.

I think he meant enough sDNA for more than 12.

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I got a glitch in my in hatchery on a Indoraptor and made it level 0

can you belive that it eaven said elvove so cant level it up same thing happend with him but it let him level up his with no elvolvive