I got Keratoporcus!

The shortest month lol. Once it was put in the game I used all my items on it and only it until I unlocked the Monolorhino. This happened the day of or after 1.12 so I just missed getting the dinodex completed before I had to waste everything on the stupid snake.

I’m over these elusive and exclusive creatures. Yeah rhino is in the wild now but that doesn’t make it much better unless it spawns like Baryonyx and rex.

I’ve used almost all items for months on turtle, rhino, mammoth, boa, and it’s ridiculous. I’m not about to do it again for these mammals. They’ve ruined the fun of the game for me as someone wanting everything. I refuse to use these mammals I just want all creatures.


And a part of unique monolorhino, Not enough dna to Create both of them

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Sorry, I didn’t realize you had it.

Lol. Yeah it was very short. I thought I actually said weeks but oh well.

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Sweet … should unlock mine tomorrow but congrats!

Unlocked mine today


Sad pig rhino noises.
No where close yet. lv 10 pig and no where near enough rhino.

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Got mine today to… only to lvl 17 though… I’m out of Rhino :sob:

When having a high-level rhino is a disadvantage…
Anyway, I’m going to have to wait a while before I hunt for more pork because I’m busy, so this is going to take a while.

Unlocked mine on my alt account - taking it up to team level (21-24) :smiling_imp:
100/200 on my main account - terrible fuses

Keratoporcus reminds me of the skullcrawlers from Kong: Skull Island.
I’m hunting Archaeotherium like crazy, so I’ll hope that I’ll have one myself soon.


Kinda looks like a hyena but with a horn

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Kill me pls I’m in deep pain

Or alternatively

Your soul is mine


HP 4410
Damage 1200
Speed 113
Armor 20%
Crit 5%

I unlock mine today and reach in the same time lvl 18…
He have not a lot of damage ,an average speed and an average health?

But his kit look really amazing…
I wonder if he have his chance in the actual meta?
And i have no idea with such kit and stats if he stand in apex or alpha…
Probably not in tyrant but i’m not sure

I got Monolorhino to level 22 so I won’t be getting this anytime soon.

Forget monolorhino,he will stand close to monomimus for a long time

I just wanted to complete my dinodex. Of course I did the day after 1.12 came out :unamused:then my goal was together all unique at a minimum of 22 then 25. Wasn’t expecting it to get another hybrid so soon but I also don’t plan on ever using any Cenozoic creature anyway.

Just got her as well!