I got raid Sabotaged :(

Something very sad happened to me just now (unnecessary crying in the background)… I got raid sabotaged in the worst way. So I’m just doing my monthly quest, for the raid, right? We’re about to get the last hit on Postimetrodon and then… Well, let me just spit it out. I see the surrender poll starting to fill up with checks and I’m like: “Oh frick we have to go go go go go… LYSTRO WHAT THE FRICK ARE YOU DOING!! Apparently The guy using Lystro was in on it so he just didn’t attack and then, we surrendered to an 86 hp Posti. I was sad. I just wanted to do my quests… :frowning:


Like if u have ever had this happen to u…


C’mon, like baiting.

Also like its not sabotaged, people sometimes don’t know what happened and people use literately anything for everything



Don’t shame people for using a lystro. For all you know they were testing it outt

They had the Lystro at level 15 and they were using it just fine before, going at a perfect speed, but then at the end it just seemed like they wanted to betray the team

I don’t mean for that comment to sound like I’m yelling at you, I’m just saying what I saw

“Betray the team”

For all you know he lost connection

It would’ve said that he disconnected at the bottom and it didn’t say that

Then maybe they had to go to the bathroom, or it crashed, You never know, so don’t assume. Thats the point i’m trying to make


I’m not directly being mean at the guy using the Lystro, and I totally agree it could’ve been one of those reasons, I just felt like we should’ve won because we were so close.

Literally Lystro is so awful in raids


Apart from that, some people just don’t how the creature’s ability work in raids.
For example, selecting Diorajasaur for mortem raid.

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This happened to me before, I was confused as to why someone initiated the give up when the raid was almost won, luckily the Dino was Defeated despite the raid saying it was ending, not sure why people would do that :thinking:

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No problem with testing it out

Only works in correct raid strats tho

Testing out strats, or creating one :unamused:

Then why didn’t he just test it out in like a campaign or strike tower or something? He was using it perfectly fine before and then gave up. He literally just waited until the surrender poll filled up and then we just frickin lost

You can’t test it in the campaign to see if it’s good for bosses when the campaign is essentially like PvP.

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Can we just stop arguing I’m literally just stating what happened in my raid experience

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