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I got the free Trial offer and and error occured which cancelled the offer

Let’s start from the beginning. I got a free trial offer one day and I wanted it but I din’t have my card logged into my alt email. I researched about the offer and realized I could only get it after card packs and wheels. A few minutes ago I finally got the offer, I was signing into my account. I forgot my password so I easily reset it then when I typed it in it said error. Not password failed, it said error. So I backed out a few pages and went back and apparently after 3 tried I tried to log in too many times whatever that means.
Now apparently I have to wait another week while I move houses so I can get this offer again. Ludia, I have heard you guys can be “sensitive” when it comes to free trial offers but I would very much appreciate if I could get that free trial again but without the “error” It would definitely keep me playing the game for longer.

Hey! Thats happened to me too before. Though, just letting you know that although your query is very valid, your use of profanity may cause your post to be deleted or flagged or whatever. Probs suggest changing it :slight_smile:

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