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I got the magnificent Ardentismaxima! 🤩

The problem is that I really don’t know who should leave the team … :neutral_face:

For now I removed the Indoraptor Gen 2, was it a good idea? Any suggestions? :thinking:


Congrats on getting him he’s a great addition to your battle team! As for who to get rid of that’s a tough one as they’re all very good. Hope he works well for you

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Thanks!!! :wink:

Congratulations! I’ll be going for Maxima too.

As for your team, I’d get rid of Thor, but that depends on how many boosts you’ve put on it. In any case, there’s a boost reset coming, so no worries.

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Congratulations on getting Max, also that is a beautiful team :heart_eyes:. (Seeing someone using OG indo and not indo G2 I see them a og!)

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Congratulations! I just leveled mine to lvl 24 with the darting attempt today

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Thank you! :wink:

True, I need to see who will be the worst without Stat Boosts… :eyes:

Thank you so much! :wink:

Thanks and congratulations too! :sweat_smile:

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Thor / indo

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Ardentismaxima is beautiful! Congratulations! :clap::grinning:

I have mine at level 26. I like to level it up higher someday. Today for the uniques I am going after Quetzorion. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, You are right! :wink:

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