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I got the most haunting roar cuz im hybrid dinosaur


You’re the guy who runs old school stuff super boosted right?


Yep also click the link above the pic to get the song experience since it seems tough to upload youtube vids hehe. here is the remix hehe.

Its just a fun catchy thread, enjoy.


Happy Birthday!

Hybrid dinosaur, hybrid dinosaur, hybrid dinosaur!

My new avitar is a hybrid dinosaur.

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May you all have the catchy song stuck in your heads muahahaha! Im a hybrid dinosaur!

I watche that its too finny

Experiment to hear jw hungry dinos its tooo cool or jw evolution music they are gg :heart::heart: this is tho one of jw evolution .
Now hungry dinos these two touched my heart

Hybrid dinosaur hybrid dinosaur hybrid dinosaur! gets eaten by moso hehe

I love that channel.

Dinos be hungry dinos be hungry because dinos be hungry!

My indom sings that song as she kills erlindoms, tryko, ardentos and thors same level hehe.

Yes dinos be hungery dinos hungry eating all the tourists cause the dinos be hungry etin all the tourist cause the dinos be hungry :+1:

Hungry *