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I got thrashed in record time lol


30 Trag and Utarinex… both crit.
Insult to injury :mask:
I do not look forward to the L30s

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Wrothgar we played yesterday I think you won but it was a close match. You are about the same level as me and i am seeing these over leveled beasts as well. Not fun!

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Ive had a lot of good games since the reset!! Gg :grin:


I do not understand why you didn’t use IC? You could make another move. It’s kinda you just let it die there.


Nothing I was going to do would have saved that match. So I didnt take it too seriously :slight_smile:


Ah alright, that’s why you didn’t even bother to dodge in the end :confused: sorry that happened.


I have done the same right after the reset at 4200. Facing level 23 Unique when I have level 20 Legendary, I have nothing for them so just let it go fast and move on.

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Haha its ok :slight_smile: I was like - man, level 26 trago wrecks me, what the heck will I do vs a level 30? Then I saw the rinex and Im like- yeah, Im done :joy::joy:

Part of the game! What i look forward to is getting to 30 someday myself. They cant outlevel me forever!

Unless they raise the dino cap :scream:

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big brother picking on little brother…


Yep haha :grin:


Once I got rekt by an Indoraptor in four turns… THAT’S record time :joy:

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Level 30 oosh. I wonder how much he has spent on the game just for the coin ha!

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Haha that is impressive!!

I dont want to think of the coin cost for a level 30 team :scream: