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I got what I call tuolongora!

Tuoramoloch! It took me a butload of time to get! Needed the tuo, I found one at my house, thank the tuo lords :grin:
Not planning on arena battling with it though.


Get it in your team you will never regret it!

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I would but erlidoms and magnas are everywhere :wink:

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Erlidom without cloak cant do anything to mine,

Have yet to face a magna who can take mine down.

Ss followed by gsr, takes most magna’s down unless they massively health boosted, if they switch out they are taking a gsr straight off with there incoming dino,

Which is about 3.2k dmg…

just got 4 tens in a row on magna, that sucks so much I only have 265 irri left

Ouch, that sucks.

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just got a 70!!! but ran out of irri (and dime)
pyrri has 45/50 dime 34/500
magna now at 220/250 to unlock

Congratulations, you’re so close to having created them all!

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Update: just got another 10 dna. 230/250. :disappointed_relieved:

This guy is actually pretty good in 1.7. But still, there are a bit too many dinos that completely destroy it.

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