I guess I don't get a new legendary dino

I’m trying to get new legendary dinosaur all I have is four I barely have enough dna for fuse and when I do all I have is 10…

What dino is it? Btw, get used to getting 10’s, we get it all the time! It’s the cost of fusing. Ask @Hersh how many 10’s hes got to get where he is now.

you should keep tally of the fuses you get. when i was fusing indoraptor, i got 18 10s. i keep track of all the fusions i do.

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any of these…

That is my team and only legendary that I have

And I think I live and work in zone 3 or 4…so that doesn’t help either…

@Baryonyx is right…
10s are just part of the package.

If it helps, always just assume you’re gunna get a 10… that way when you get something else, you’ll be happily surprised!
It makes u appreciate everything that’s a 20 or higher that much more.

Don’t let it bring you down tho, it just comes down to statistics in the way the gaming algorithm was programmed.


I swear I’ve literally gotten 30 one time ONCE every single time I have ever ever tried to fuse any Dino rare epic legendary no matter what it’s ALWAYS 10 I lost it when right next to me when I was trying to unlock my indominous I was stuck at 40 points because everytime I get 10 points next to me he gets a fuse 20 points next one 70!!! He unlocked it in 3 fuses it took me 10! Lol I can’t stand how inconsistent it is, wish there was a specific chart of how the points given worked, it’s so frustrating !

I like your philosophy Hersh and I hope it carries over to the arena.

We’re not entitled to do as well or better than everyone else, if you can’t handle losing then don’t try winning.