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I had a dream last night

This person and I were in a battle, they had a Concav and I had a Raja.

For what ever reason, they would counter attack the counter and it was just an all out counter war. Was really weird. It ended with the opponent’s concav dying, but still…
Was so weird. I really hope that doesn’t become a thing. Lol


Maybe it’s time to take a break?


If I take another break I might actually quit.

Ahaha love the candidness of your post @Asta not everyone admits to being so addicted to this game they dream about it…

I know I have a fair few times though :see_no_evil::roll_eyes::wink:

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Just image the stats screen. :scream:

Not only would Raja have AP Counter, but also AP Counter Counter to counter a counter and AP Counter Counter Counter to counter the counter to the counter of the counter.

I think that’s right… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hurts my brain thinking about it.

Last night I actually, actually dreamt about replying to this post… @Asta

:see_no_evil::joy::sweat_smile::sob: Send help!