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I had a few potential match ideas?

So I posted about them on reddit since i didn’t know there was an actual forum, but I thought why not post here where the devs can see them ?

The first one was a mafia or yakuza boss ? Unless that’s what Ian is intended to be ? Then maybe add a classier looking counterpart ? Like more 40s mobster classy ?

Second one being an enemies to lovers trope, possibly with someone that could be a coworker of the MC and they are both fighting for the same promotion or something? But actual conflict and not " oh no I developed feelings for you " after two text conversations. And the first " dates " ( which would actually be in person encounters) could be at meetings or work events ?

Or even possibly a " our families have been trying to get us to meet up because they said we would be a perfect match, but we loathe each other " situation but they both matched on lovelink ?

The third one is possibly MCs college teacher? Like I know the one from the clementine route is a dick but maybe just a student/teacher thing with a less scummy match ? More of a " oh hey we met on lovelink and hit it off, oh no I went to school and you’re my professor ?? "

And possibly a fae guy who’s tries to trap MC in the fae realm ? Cause of the whole eating or drinking and you’re trapped thing ?

Idk those were just some ideas I had, not sure what the plan is

( also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make Cain a demon or something and don’t make it be a " oh I want to be a good person, will you show me how to be good ", cause I kind of feel we got that with the dr.vile being a supervillain who is actually good ? )


Thanks for all of your amazing and creative suggestions, @ManicPixie!
I’ll make sure that our devs see them. :eyes:


I think your ideas sound amazing! Maybe they should hire you as a consultant! Most of my chats are offline and have been for a while and I’m fed up of waiting for new ones that never match! Keep up with the great ideas! :clap::clap::clap:

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A couple more ideas

Again, haven’t played all the matches yet so if this is in one or planned disregard it.

  1. An 0Z0 romance ? They try to get close to us to create false evidence to give to authority’s but romance at a certain point which causes drama.

  2. A catfish plot line, we match with a famous actor or something and they agree to a date then don’t show up cause they got " held up " but then by the time feelings get too serious they come clean?

What I wouldnt give for a female rock star like an Avril Lavigne type or Gwen Stefani.

A monster hunter that would be awesome story to see and oh why not a master criminal not Ozo but like Bonnie and Clyde or something out of the old west