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I had edmontosaur

Why’d you put it in your first slot. Also where did 220 DNA and 362 bucks go?

I used them to try to make my level 40 erlikosaur to make an erliphosaurus.

also I forgot there was no dinosaur in the first location … :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

and for the loyalty points I traded them in exchange for food which I then used to feed erlikosaur.

Oh no never do lp-food. It is the worst. Store apato fossils in your market. They can give 850,000 to 1,100,000 food is CD offers them

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You really need to start saving resources

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tomorrow you have a fight to earn money …

As a non VIP player LPs are your most precious resource IMO

Never trade LPs for anything, you should save them and use them for the Solid Gold 10k LP packs exclusively. That is pretty much your only source of VIP creatures and is the best bang for your buck. Over time you will get a good mix of all of them so be patient and don’t waste 20k LPs on the 20K pack, just buy the 10k packs. You may get annoyed at getting ceno’s and aquatics but they are super useful later on and you will learn to appreciate them if you stick with the game long enough.

Note: On rare occasions I have traded a few LPs for DB’s when my DB stack gets super low and I didn’t get any good trades to DBs from the trade harbor that day but it is super rare and almost never happens.


but now he’s almost erliphosaurus! :grin::grin::grin:

Food problem :wink: :wink:

Your food, DB, DNA and LPs are SUOER low
Forget about Eriliphosaurus!
You NEED to start saving resources

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Except bucks :slightly_smiling_face:

As I stated I typically don’t do that. I value the LPs more than DBs I burn DBs on hatchery speed ups… that’s about it really, not really that important. LPs are the only thing that get me VIP creatures which are some of the best in the game, especially the ceno and aquatics.

It’s also my second special legendary creature unlocked (because I have arctodus, bananogmius, troodon, and brachiosaurus, but don’t have them unlocked), and it’s my first tournament won (I won the bananogmius but the creature hadn’t been unlocked as it wasn’t level 60 +, I don’t count)

I agree with the rest, from now on the best thing to do unless it is very necessary is that you do not exchange loyalty points, by the way, doing missions, exchanging coins for food (as happened to me on some occasions and that is why now I have like 1000000 food) and saving DNA in addition to loyalty points I have all this 5 levels less (not the best but okay)

and this kind of exchange I do