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I had enough, im getting my money back


I had my phone in my pocket and voilá! dilopho evolved to lvl 16. the same happened the other day when suddenly i realized i had just bought a freaking 5 common scents from the store.
I was having a lot of patience with you ludia, but this is simply WRONG. you can have a lot of issues, and its fine if you are working on solving them, this is just bad programing. I dont know of any other game that doesnt ask you before evolving things.
im taking my money back


Its defintiely ludias fault that u failed to lock ur phone. Thats definitely their fault


So… you want your stuff back because you were careless with your device? Did you at least contact the developers for assistance? If so, did they just tell you “oh well, so sad too bad”? I am guessing you didn’t.

Jumping on the forum and making outrageous demands should never be your first reaction. I have more to say on why it probably is, but I will restrain myself.

Please let me know if you contacted Ludia via the help desk before you posted here. Thanks.


I didnt because i know several ppl that already did for the same reason and ludia told them they couldnt do anything about it.
I was opening the app, and had to put my phone away for a minute, then get the phone and that happened.
if you dont think that needs solving thats fine, im sincerely angry, this is something we all been asking since day 1


Well i bet ull press that lock button on ur phone next time. Thats what its there for. Lesson learned i hope


Just because they told others no doesn’t always mean they’ll do the same. To quote Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber, “so you’re sayin there’s a chance.”


It happened with me. Now I’ve lvl 16 utharaptor :neutral_face:


I have leveled a couple dinos accidentally while scrolling. It hurts, but I just carried on. With regards to Ludia. Every time I contacted them over an issue I was having (3). I was well compensated for my troubles. When they had the issue of jumping us up into higher arenas for example, I missed my chance to purchase the one time offer. They sent me a premium incubator for my troubles. So, not giving the help desk a chance to do their job and blasting the company on their forum for your mistake seems a bit pretentious. Would you agree?



you’re right. im gonna talk to them and see what happens. thanks for your input

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You made my day with last comment!!! I really hope it works out for you.

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Well you already say much and its pointless. At least he talk about problem and he demand what is his right.


What you got a premium incubator? :no_mouth:
Meanwhile when I contacted support about my lost Monolophosaurus in a strike tower (which was from a scent) I was told to suck it up :frowning:


Although that does suck and I know you’re annoyed, it’s definitely NOT Ludias fault whatsoever.

No matter the circumstances, user error with your own phone being put away and taken out without locking your phone is nobody else’s fault but your own.

If I’m at home and leave a water spill on the ground and then I end up slipping on it and injuring myself, should I contact the city and complain that their water caused me to slip in my own home? Lol No. Everyone would laugh at me for being the most ridiculous, unintelligent, and careless person ever.


Yeah, I have accidentally evolved dinos, but that was due to scrolling. It is a problem, but one I assume Ludia is not going to fix as it means people now need more coins :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:

It would be fairly simple for Ludia to put in a verify button, but they are clearly not on that bandwagon. In the meantime I have learned to be VERY careful about touching anything on a dino stat screen.


Dude… that’s terrible… but you know, you should NEVER put the phone in your pocket with this or any other game or app on…


So much lack of empathy among members of this forum.

Sometimes I’m ashamed to belong here.

Rude, entitled little puppies.


Huh. I got told there was nothing they could do about missing that one time offer. That it wasn’t guaranteed to show up so oh well. And this is after I’ve purchased every other level up incubator.

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