I had never hated a tournament so fast before

Thanks again for another Epic tournament Ludia… Just so you know, changing between hybrids and no hybrids doesn’t make it better, especially when you do nothing about this ridiculous speedtie system… If it’s not the stupid Rhino, it’s the stupid Rixis. My first three battles, three speedties with Rixis… No escape, no way to win the speedtie. So just wait, watch and die, right… And then this thing is so OP compared to others of its rarity that it can still deal lots of damage or even kill the next creature…

Once again, I am amazed of how anyone could think this is OK… Probably the most unfair thing I’ve ever seen in any competitive game.


Yeah. Rixis is way too op at the moment. its even better than some legendaries despite it having a rare hybrid and a common as components.

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It was already one of the strongest Epics before it got decel immunity and its stunning move had 3 turns cooldown… But hey! You know what? Let’s buff it and nerf Amargocephalus! Makes sense!


The biggest problem isn’t rixis, but the lack of diversity. There are a bunch of ways around rixis, but there isn’t a pool big enough to choose from, which causes everything to become stagnant. The final kick in the pants is that this started an hour earlier, so the stagnation occurs sooner


For me, the biggest problem is speedtie. And Rixis makes it worse with No Escape.


Well, that’s always a problem. But the diversity here is kinda bad, but the diversity in 2 weeks is horrendous.


The lack of variety can also be represented by Rixis, a creature that every single player will use unless they’re crazy… It tells us a lot about the balance of the tourney. That’s why I complain on updates when they nerf an already weak creature… They should BUFF weaker creatures, but instead they make the strong even stronger… Or nerf only a few of them and make the choices even more scarce…


Played 3 matches and I just gave up; rixs is just too good and annoying.

Completly,i am so tired of this game currently.
I feel the devs don’t even care about their game.

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There are many ways to combat rixis I find. Chops, Indom, and thylac/sucho are good. I recommend dimodactylus to help for rixis. Can really bully it

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I don’t have problem in dealing with Rixis UNLESS it’s sent on my own Rixis for a speedtie…

I take my hat off to those who are willing to grind in a tourney such as this one.

Boring and monotonous doesn’t even begin to describe how tedious this is.

If you get Rixis and live nearer to Canada you win.

Just a pointless waste of time if you enjoy a fair challenge.

So for me it’s a case of get the ten takedowns and do something much more constructive like watching paint dry or admiring the grass grow.


A perfect take… I usually compete for top50… This one, I think I’ll settle for 250 or 500 if I have too much trouble climbing… I’m really really disgusted by this No Escape + speedtie BS

It has no escape so,either you have to build a swap prevention team to help you again rixis first.
Thyla is not really a counter,its more an equal matchup
Same for suchotator.
And yeah as you said:2 counter out of 28 creatures…
And next week will be worst once again…Because unlike most of the people,i don’t build my team on an overpower epic hybrid so yeah,it is unboost .
Facing lvl 30 max boosted rixis will be really fun,isnt it?

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stop wasting your time lad,
just do your 10 takedown and wait for next month.
I start to feel this is the last month i give to ludia.
I am too tired to continue those rubbish tournaments.

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Use dimodactylus to pick it off. It does win a lot, but it loses a lot of hp in the process. Dimodactylus can clean it up. And sure 2 creatures counter it, but they’re used by everyone, and one cannot be pinned and a rixis impact+ceratopsian can’t kill it. And with dimodactylus, you can use suchotator or thylac (who has a decent chance to kill it to begin with)

It’s not a waste of time, it’s just very boring and annoying. But I will do it for the coins and for my alliance. Just not gonna push it as hard as I usually do

sorry, that would have been interesting, i would have been the first to compliment this tournament but the point is it’s so crappy it’s not even worth playing.
I would understand anyone in this game who wouldn’t complete their 10 takedowns for their alliance so much this month’s tournaments stink.
2.3 should have been the perfect opportunity for Ludia to rebalance the scales before retesting the epic tournaments.
Instead of that we were entitled to what?
A nerf for scaphotator and the rest was so bad I think they left the game in automatic mode while taking their vacation.
Quite frankly, I don’t even mean to be insulting, it’s so pitiful that I don’t have the words.

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You are correct, it’s pathetic… They keep doing the same thing over and over again, just with different names and “rules”, but basically the same things. For example, the swap in damage still dominates every tournament of every rarity… Which again, is another problem that involves Rixis, cause he won’t let you escape, but he can and will escape to finish off whatever it doesn’t kill. And then it can come back even if at low health and take another creature out

And btw, once again, cunning creatures are completely disposable in this one.

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Yep, the devs haven’t finished the fundamental balancing of JWA 2.0, so whatever you do is doomed to be useless and or will be nerfed due to their inability to respond properly to the initials problems (aka resilient dominate the arena)
All I can see is that you have to wait for a potential Update 3.0 to hope that this game becomes something interesting, but like everyone here, I’m tired of waiting. (Maybe it will be in 2 year if the game survive that long)
I’m starting to tell myself that in fact, by sticking with this game, I’m giving it credit and therefore giving it to incompetent devs.
I think 2021 will be decisive for me, I no longer have the patience.

and it will probably be an opportunity to move on, but I know that this time, if I leave, I will not come back.

There is too much accumulation of incompetence in this game.
in too little time:
-They sabotaged the treasure chases
-They still haven’t done anything to improve the speeds boosts that have been destroying the logic of the game for over a year
-Reduction of the possibility of having coins.(no shop offer/reduction of coins in tower strike/Less treasure chase ect)
-Quick hollow updates with forward only creatures and no major or basic improvements
-The appearance of more and more bug and no fix
-The tournaments are repetitive and the balance has not changed in 6 months, we always find the same creatures over and over…
-Communication is horrible although they have improved very slightly.
-the creation of this forum which is just useless since if our opinions counted, we would be read.
But instead, they prefer to take us for pigeons, ignore us and say “I understand you”
-The nublar apocalypse where you can face number 1 anytime.
-And now the shorts-spawn which in addition will be limited

And yes,i have not even list everythings.The list could be 4X bigger than this.

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