I hate darting Triceratops & Sino in 1.5

It’s bad enough that Ludia made Triceratops & Stegosaurus a lot harder to come by, but now Triceratops is like one of the more frustrating Rares in the game to shoot at? What the heck!

I get the concept of trying to incorporate this “bucking bronco” style of running to make it seem like they’re charging, but for a rare and when how much harder Triceratops is to come by this just ridiculous. I could maybe see it being theme with a Sino, but I don’t even wanna encourage that because it’s just terrible all around for darting gameplay.


I just darted a Sino… awful.

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Ludia makes Triceratops and Sino near impossible to find now… then once you find them… near impossible to dart… I found a Triceratops earlier today, 1st one I’ve seen in a week. And barely got over 100 DNA out of it? Makes me wonder if Ludia plays their own game… because this is a huge let down. 1.4 was great.


I think spawns in general are out of whack right now. Irritator Gen2 cluttering the streets, so many Einiasaurus to make one nauseas meanwhile making other essential dinos much more difficult to come by


i havent noticed a difference with sino post update, i have to say.

never saw them before, still not seeing them after.

darting is therefore unaffected.


I think spino has always been and still is the hardest rare to dart


Sinos are a lot harder to dart than other epics…but the real problem is their rarity


Just darted one. I thought they are now easier than before

I made a similar post but it’s absurd they made one of the most scarce and valuable epics THAT much harder to dart!

Spawn suck even whit scents, i burned 32 epic scents in this weeks and only found a few sinos, 1 dilophosaurus lol. Thats spawn in winter have no sense, i only grind when im going to work now and some days i dont open the game in the way to go work, is like why i must open the game? Nothing interested will spawn 99% sure

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am i correct in guesstimating that is almost 200 euro?


I just got an outstanding on one, level 12, no vip, 166.

only one i think feels radically different is tarbosaurus. they obviously messed with your ability to dart this one because of thor :roll_eyes:

I used to get outstanding of tarbo before but now 90-150 is what I get. And Sino I get around 130-170, triceratops I still get 150-185.but when I dart these two I just randomly keep darting and get lucky

It’s funny because I hardly EVER shot at Tarbo pre-1.5, but yeah I’m not a fan at shooting at that either lol

Pre-1.5, I was getting around 228-254 on Sino, now I’ve been getting 172-198. It sucks

i mean, i’ve hit tarbo for low 300s. but usually its around 220-240. all other commons are 350+. just hit a raptor and apatosaurus for 400+. tarbo is just goofy. i feel like it’s direct hit spot is very small too.

only sinos i’ll ever dart are this weekend, so we’ll see.

Hate darting tarbo… witha fiery passion

ummm either you or your bots darting skills needs improvement… triceratops is not hard to dart at.

Just to point out it’s not the Triceratops & Sinoceratops being made more difficult to shoot at, it’s the adjustments to sensitivity of the darting mechanic which has made it harder. It just requires a bit more practice go get your aim right.