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I hate dracorex rare

It is just too dam op with it’s swap in and stun and rampage and run. There aren’t any counters for it.

And it’s only a rare. And people use it on the same team as DC so just when you think your done here it comes.

I just wanted to be first to make that complaint.

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I’m saving that response just for when you legit start complaining about it latter

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Lol, OK. May be a while. I haven’t complained about any swap in dinos since before DracoG2 got nerfed.

Lol yup just get some pop corn and watch

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With the upcoming utarinex nerf as a local2 player I think I should level up rare dracorex to lvl30 :grinning: no more use of her anymore

That’s why you use it in your team

Well I use utarinex on my team :grinning: I love her and can get a lot of dracorex the rare in my local. Sadly they nerfed her two times in a row now and honestly I would just level up thor now instead of utarinex. So this is why my 16k dracorex rare dna is going to waste :pensive:
But honestly I have never ever faced a high level rare dracorex in the arena. Maybe in lower arenas it is a thing like miragaia and all but around 4k+ trophies unique dinos take over.

I have no words to describe it.You just created a post to make fun to a group of people that loves to whine or trying a constructive criticism .On the other hand you are exactly the opposite ,you clap and cheer in everything that Ludia does.
Be sure that Devs would like people not only to cheer for them but criticize , so they can make their game better.


No I don’t always clap an cheer.

But I believe that praise should be copious and public. And criticism should be made when it’s deserved in a mannor delivered as befitting the infraction.

Mostly is praise in public chastise in private.

And I’ve complained about things as much as I’ve cheered.

But this forum has been just constant endless pi sing and moaning. Most of the time in opposite directions

Trade it in alliance

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Or it’s become permanent troll \ off topic

" I noticed the sky is blue today"


“It would be better after DC Nerf”
“Yeah Nerf apatosaurus”
“I haven’t seen the sun because of (insert bug)”
“It’s only blue because ludia used cheaters for a cash grab”
“Insert Draco meme with it attacking sun”

This is something someone would say when an argument started, to diffuse it.
Its actually a decent response compared to,

OK, you got me lol

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Well you’re going to probably hate it more now that is getting a defining strike as its Swap-in ability

ah i see, aaaa