I hate Epic Strike Towers

I did the epic strike tower, spend 700 bucks(yes i did) and at the last battle Alankylosaurus gets the 5% crit which lost me the battle (any way to give me the incubator or anything) i worked hard for those bucks

Post in this topic for your unlucky experience


Never use in game cash on towers. You should use it to speed up 15m, 3h and 8h (when costing less than 45) battle incubators instead. That’s a much more efficient use of in game cash.


right, thx for the tip

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I just use game cash for coins to develop dinos.

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Epic are the best towers. They give the best dna and most coins. Once you get a creature that’s good for them all you’re set.


i did well on the first 2 and failed just because of a 5% crit on my lvl 18 dracoceratops

i’m a mid level (lvl 11 close to 12) hardcore player

That could probably explain why you’re suffering in Epic Towers. They’re designed for mid end to end game players, not mid game. Of course it’s going to be difficult when your dinos are likely a couple levels below the tower’s dinos.


The thing is i got it in the bag, when darn Alankylosaurus got a crit on short defense. i was wondering. why am i the unluckiest person when it comes to these things? You can check my post at


and see how unlucky i am

each tower color (the tower itself and the color of the icon in the name) has a level recommendation to it. the icon is listed on the schedule and the tower should tell you the recommended level if you tap on the info icon. i wouldn’t use HC to keep trying them unless you’re absolutely sure you can beat it. Expert and master strikes are inherently difficult without the correct leveled creatures. boosts wont always net you the win, especially when you’re relying on exact numbers to win or not loose a creature. It’s great if you beat the tower, but don’t beat yourself up over loosing one. it’s happened to the best of us.


That is also a very big waste

The best way to use your bucks is to wait until ludia does a coin sale and then spend all of your bucks on it

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i know all that and i was sure i can beat it as i also beat previous towers and the 1st and second battles. plus i had Tyrannolophosaur and dracoceratops, just to snipe. and yes i know each difficulity and i’ve beaten the unique test campaign with my level 18 dracoceratops. I may say im a pro at this game.

It was luck. not skill
at the slightest.

i just needed to go for Fierce Impact and done

guys I’m lvl 12 my alliance is Dino Dubai and me and my friend dinoprotector300 do hard strike events and I’m up to the unique test number 7 in the campaign so maybe get at least 3 legendaries before u try one bc ludia makes easy ones most of the time.

Anyone who is having trouble with epic strike towers just needs to be patient. It takes time to level these dinos up, but when I was coming up, BLEED and REND were my best friends to get through these towers. Honestly, enjoy the challenge while it lasts. Epic towers are a joke to me now. It’s nice to get the dna and coins, but there’s no challenge anymore. I wish they’d make harder towers

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Well i just win evry epic strike tower man this iš my team btw