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I hate fire

I understand all the arguments for fire in this game and I am not really trying to argue against it anymore but I just lost a fight solely because of the fire which has nothing to do with skill or gear or anything else

I got pushed back early and even though I know better than to leave just a cleric and a fighter it happened anyways. AoE and counterattacks killed off their other heroes. I had all 4 of my guys left and was occasionally knocking down his players and just need that one round where I hit and they missed but it never came. All Four of my characters burned to death even though they couldn’t hurt me themselves

They say the fire is to speed up games and to make sure there isn’t a situation where neither player can beat the other. I get all of that but I don’t think the fire should be the sole deciding factor in a battle. I honestly don’t have better way to accomplish the goals they are going for but I hope someone at least thinks about it

Immortal cleric healing fighter you had no chance anyway , better to get it done with :wink:

Tis true!!!

I just lost to Chez due to fire :grinning: