I HATE Stegoceratops. LOVE When I Can Do This To Him/Her

It’s nice to have Allosaurus’ living in your back yard.


I mean, that’s not stegoceratops in that photo, but I know the feeling!


Stegoceratops is my favourite opponent when I’ve got my Indominus. No stunning, no slowing, maybe getting hit two times but then devastating that stun-beast!

I hate stegoceratops I’ve put it out my team cause it’s just a big rng machine


What is it then if it’s not Stegoceratops? Actually yeah I notice now, Stegoceratops doesn’t have Ferocious Strike.

looks like Einiosuchus

Yeah definitely einia

Hopefully I can snag a better picture before it flips. It was stego. Been trying to capture that shot for about a week.

That’s got big teeth it’s an einia :joy:

I think you’re right. I have done it before. Pulled the trigger too soon.

I can take down Indominus with my Stegocera if it doesn’t dodge and i have both 1.5x attacks. Depends on the level of course, but my Stego is a level 25, so it’s tough. And sometimes absorbs their 2x damage without dying.


Of course it’s a question of level. Depending on the level any dinosaur can take down any other. Somewhere in the close future there will be a bunch of players with lvl 30 teams that are battling each other. No level advantage there anymore. That’s when finally only tactics matter. And some RNG results of course ^^


I haven’t been able to get Stegacerotops yet, Trike gen 1 are as rare in my area as hen’s teeth. I’ve only just managed to level up the Triceratops and get 3 shots at combining them. All 10 naturally. :expressionless:

I HATE it but you really do need it so best of luck!

Okay, there it is.


ya’ll missed the first one’s number was blue, which stegaceratops is an epic, so it should be yellow. you are also 5 levels higher than that dino, so not much of an accomplishment really.

lvl 20 allo’ man seems like a waste of coin… id rather spend that on my stegoceratops :joy:


Not at all mine is 19 nearly 20 makes quick work of stegodeous

good to know. so does a low lvl gorgo. i have allisinosaurus that some day i can lvl up so ill save that dna for that. sino is almost 15.

Same with me. Stegos are all over the place but Trike’s are extremely rare. I’ve only just got my Trike to lvl 10, but now have to get the extra dna for it. I’m waiting for the week we see Trike in the event, 18 attempts at getting Trike dna, will be glorious!

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