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I hate the arena so much

So most people hate the arena because of the IMPOSSIBLE strong teams,right?Well here I am hating the arena too.EVERY time I try to fight WEAKER teams I still keep losing! And how can every team have so much 4* and 5*?!? I have been fighting with a team full with 4* and 5*!!That’s so unfair!! AND THEIR SPIRIT SPEED oh my god…Usually I dont get angry at this but…HOW?!?Yeah i probably miss some things but please…JUST HOW?! and when the season ends…ohhh…I was literally almost silver and now I am copper 3,going down to copper 2?!? I-I cant even…oh my goodness…Every team I want to fight are IMPOSSIBLE STRONG!and I keep losing…so yah I hate the arena so much and I hope the creators will AT LEAST make the teams weaker…its just not possible…


In my opinion devs messed with the calculation of BP last minor update, most teams should be displayed much stronger looking at the stats after fighting the whole team. Most people get confused by that, because teams 500-1000 BP less than yours are actually the ones that are equally strong than yours. Don’t get confused by the BP displayed, check actual stats of the 3 dragons you start fighting - otherwise you’ll have no chance because you’ll constantly chose teams much stronger than yours.


I totally agree. My entire family was looking forward to the arena and now we are all so frustrated with it. Even when our team is higher in numbers and high in ability, we get demolished immediately. I don’t understand how they can do this. Is there some trick to it or is it really just that ridiculous? Even when you reroll the competition gets higher. Why??
We’re hating it!


The defense teams, previously displayed as stronger when they were close in power to us, are now negatively buffed, and thus show as weaker. It’s a deceptive weaker though.

@Bee is right, but Ludia still has to fix this so as to display the actual BP.


I attacked ten times in a row, guess the result: 9 lose 1 victory (5.5k)

I don’t think it’s impossible to win But how on earth should I do it when my every opponent has a Toothless mostly in the middle and I can do only 1 step, 1 move in the corner…

His spirit loads way faster than my Toothless’

The defense team is too strong it keeps our trophies high so that’s why we cannot win a single attack.


@Carmiso I did the same – 2 and 8 with 5800bp. The enemy dragons have almost 3000 hit points and a standard 3 hit match does on average 280. With every team having a rage drain it’s almost impossible to get the damage needed to kill even one dragon. And that’s if you even have good colors. Get weak colors to the dragon you are sunk.