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I hate the touraments

Every time i play the touraments i LOOSE A VERY LOT MORE, then WINNING!!! i just played like 4 or 5 battles now and won only the first battle… and that is every time the same, Ludia. Just give me people who are not that hard!!! Because i play not very much touraments, but now a less more then normal… just stop it!!! :frowning:

How is it by everyone else? Do you win much or also not like me?

( Ludia come on for once…)

Are you in an alliance and on discord?

If not consider joining one as you’ll get loads of help by having a team that will advise you on your team and tactics.

Have a look at the GamePress articles too, they are really useful too.

Good luck @Skye-1

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Thank you man. I have a very nice and useful allancie but no discord. Can you sent me the link of GamePress ? Then i can look there.

I’m no good with this stuff but @Piere87 or @Bart_H will hopefully put it up here for you

Here is our discord where you can talk with thousands of other players and get really good info.

And here’s our website :slightly_smiling_face:


Alright thank you i will maybe fo later the discord, can i then still join?

Or y discord is public and available to anyone that would like to join :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright thanks

Thank you @Piere87 :grinning:

I accept the invite…

And i joined

I only like this tournament because I can use compy g2 lol

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Nice… damm forger them… need to out them in my team fast. Thanks tho