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I hate this game


This game is sucks :-1::-1::-1::-1:matchmaking is terrible fusion is getting lot of 10s DNA every time I hate this game​:rage::rage::rage::rage:


Don’t play it then.


This game is super frustrating it’s waste of time this should be Ludia ashamed


Dear MOD this is a fine example of the type of negative post that have been complained about. It serves no actual function and is clearly a troll looking to spread negativity.


Lol, this is a troll


Really now?


…This is a troll right? Or am I an idiot?


Yes it’s a troll


If you try it out, here’s a tip:
On fusions the old animation timed theory is fake. But by using the animation you can time the fusions right. It just takes a bit of practice.
Besides, getting 10 each time makes levelling more enjoyable: years of hard work finally paying off.
Just a bit of advice.

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Yeah it’s a troll but still.


Kids today need instant gratification.

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