I hate to break it to you

There isn’t one problem.

DC is not the problem.
Boosts are not the problem.
Matchmaking is not the problem.

It is when you start to combine all the mysterious decisions Ludia has made for this game. Nothing in this game exists in a vacuum, and tweaking so much stuff (badly, I might add) has created some sort of monstrous hot mess that will not be solved easily, nor quickly (if they care to at all). Adapt, or shut up, please, because I’m beginning to think you’re the problem. lol…

ps. Thor is the problem.
pps. The above ps. is sarcasm.


Wait till they come out with the next great idea. A boost counter, which of course can be bought in the store for the bargain price of 500 HC.

Objection. Thor is not the problem.
Edit: wooooosh for me I guess lol

Yeah. Not thor problem. Its speed. I dont think I have ever lost a battle to an AI before. Today I lost 2 back to back. The AI had spped boosted dinos in the 150s…

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Wait till they add 'Swap in Remove Boosts" to ALL the creatures that don’t have swap in abilities.


I’m kinda looking forward to the Critical boosts for Thor.

oh god, that might be the final straw for me…

So many, including myself have put a ton of time and resources into this game to try to “win the game” because that is how it should work. This is not that type of game. I’ve been thinking of doing a complete change in my team, leave the boosts out and land where I land. The biggest change is the money pit the game turned into. Spawns seem to have been nerfed so spending money on scents in addition to boosts seems necessary. I love the game and am finally learning that trying to get to the top is taking away the fun and is silly expensive.


Would prefer to give a base damage of 5000 to a freshly made thor than a crit boost lol :joy:

I just enjoyed 1.6 everything was looking good. 150m range for supply drops, new Dino’s and hybrids, alliance missions, bug fixes, and more. Then 1.7 happened, then 1.8…


1.6 (before St Pattys event) was the sweet spot.

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I liked the event. I think we all did but it was also a smack in the face to those of us who grounded hardcore to get those uniques that were just handed out to everyone else.

The problem wasn’t everyone being able to get enough dna to create or even level up the uniques from the event. It was the stat boost that came afterwards. Because then everyone had the uniques and at high levels then add your boost it really screwed the arena.

Once they were just handing these super hard to create dinos our like Halloween candy, I knew something was coming up. However I wasn’t predicting boost. I was thinking along the lines of a whole new set of unique creatures that would our favor the current.

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Don’t say this kind of stuff, people will take it seriously :rofl:
Ludia don’t look at this, those ideas are dangerous lol

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Maybe the license is about to expire and ludia is just milking as much cash as they can before they let the game die