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I hate to burst your darting 360 bubbles but

I have to admit, this is one of my biggest achievements I ever had on JWA, I burst in happy tears when I got a 390 on a common when I’m non-vip!


That’s some sharp shootin’

Wow! 13 direct hits without VIP!

Got another 390, this time it’s on Archaeotherium.


How on earth is this possible?

I’m a pro at darting like MarkTheShark ;).
(Rip his time on JWA and the forums :pensive:)


Monolophosaurus Gen 2!


Claws in the air velociraptor! I got you!


Congrats on that. It’s one nice achievement.

How’d you do this then all of a sudden start getting other dinos too? Which dart setting are you using? Also, this isn’t with vip trial and it doesn’t show the gold circle is it?

I’d always heard 360 was max non vip and there was a guy who did a video where he shot 13 darts non vip but it didn’t add the 13th dart.

Simple. You need to be precise and quick.

Mind showing me the video if you can still remember it?

The dart setting I’m using is the regular one (classic), and yes I’m not a VIP. If someone could squeeze in 1 last shot, they can get a grand total of 480 common DNA, that’s close to making 1 legendary fuse in 1 darting attempt!

450 is still max amount. I have got 450 with 2 secs left on the clock and it won’t let me fire anymore. I think with rares and epics you can get more but not with commons.

I can’t get past 330 :sob:
Congratulations :grinning:

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I think it’s hard coded to not allow a total amount of dna that is more than what 15 direct hits would reward. So if your level 10, the max you can get is 300 on a common. I believe that is true of any rarity.

Yeah I’m not totally sure how it goes. I just play the game. :sweat_smile:

I did do a 420 once on an Ankylosaurus which are easy to dart. So that was a perfect bulls eye on 14 shots. I’m sure someone has gotten a 450 but getting that 15th dart is difficult with good timing.

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That is for VIP, the max for NON-VIP is 390.

Looks like the video is removed. I may have been wrong on what I posted above but he shot an extra dart that didn’t count.

I deleted the video because I thought the post was dead. :slight_smile: And yes. An extra shot does not increase the amount of dns. But it still works. 14 direct hit and 1 bad shot. But only common and
some rare dinosaurs.