I hate to burst your darting 360 bubbles but

I can’t get past 330 :sob:
Congratulations :grinning:

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I think it’s hard coded to not allow a total amount of dna that is more than what 15 direct hits would reward. So if your level 10, the max you can get is 300 on a common. I believe that is true of any rarity.

Yeah I’m not totally sure how it goes. I just play the game. :sweat_smile:

I did do a 420 once on an Ankylosaurus which are easy to dart. So that was a perfect bulls eye on 14 shots. I’m sure someone has gotten a 450 but getting that 15th dart is difficult with good timing.

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That is for VIP, the max for NON-VIP is 390.

Looks like the video is removed. I may have been wrong on what I posted above but he shot an extra dart that didn’t count.

I deleted the video because I thought the post was dead. :slight_smile: And yes. An extra shot does not increase the amount of dns. But it still works. 14 direct hit and 1 bad shot. But only common and
some rare dinosaurs.

I’ll be uploading soon again my video

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I hate to burst your streak of 450 bubbles, but my record currently on any given common is 49 450s

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Vip gets more time to dart. @McDonaldDuck

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We get it, you are pay to win :smirk:

Never bought hard cash before sorry. my dad pays for the VIP. Also I darted 9 ankys and got 3072 total dna through 9 attempts.
Don’t assume I’m pay to win without knowing the facts first. My biggest pet peeve
I’m not pay to win because I get top 3 in skill tourneys for those being my main resource.
And I haven’t spent real money. It’s why my team doesn’t have as much boosts as others and I’m still 5500+.
So, we get it, you are assuming things without knowing them first :smirk:


After so many fails, I finally got nundasuchus!


Managed 360 on the wild boar, my highest so far, using veteran drone setting.

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Got my first 390 today, Archaeotherium!


What about 390 on a rare???