I hate your PVP

please add a surrender button since you keep putting my level 9s against 12s.Better yet, an auto fight so I can move on with my life.

Hey Vandulus, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the current PVP system. However, we thank you for the suggestion as it’ll help our team improve the game!

It is a joke. The battles are almost always one sided because the levels of characters are mismatched, or opponent has all epic/legendary. Theres no way to concede. Also the damn thing crashes so often while loading that you loose a fair number of times because you cant start when your opponent does. This coupled with what seems to be not just pay to win but pay to grind mentality makes the game a huge disappointment.

Yeah, don’t sweat pvp. It’s mostly just a mesure of how much money one has spent in the cash shop. What little strategy exists gets rendered moot by random procs.

It’s redeemable though, tone down procs that one shot, cap cc durations to two rounds (no more can’t move/attack for the entire match), add a surrender option, make the pvp chests worth it and get rid of Ai teams.

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Get rid of the alternating team attacks as well, last man standing shouldn’t get every other attack.

FYI I figured out the problem, its your security settings of the wireless. I use my iPhone 6 hotspot and have no problems. before you ask, no, I haven’t found any setting on my router that fixes it

Seems like every week or so I hit the next wave of Pay 2 Win guys and lose about half a dozen in a row. You can tell. Low levels who all have regenerate and mind control.

What I’d really like is for them to turn off the emojis. I don’t want to emoji with you. I play PVP because it is one of the few ways to get gold. Once I win one round I will not play until K need another chest. If there was no gold in it I would never play.