I have 3 different rankings :')


I have these 3 rankings at the same time, without matches in between.
Restarts and waiting for sync doesnt fix it.


What’s the exclusive incubator content?


Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. When I look at my friends list it shows the number of my trophies that’s not match with my arena trophies.
For example I’m currently at 2966 in the arena but in my friends list it shows me at 2975. It also did this earlier when I was 2988 in the arena but my friends list shows me at 3003. I’m guessing this is a bug but it’s kinda annoying to see your arena trophies not matching from your friends list.


Same thing with me … first noticed it a couple hours ago.

My trophy count on my battle screen is higher than what’s posted on my friends list (not cool enough to make it to the leader board yet, but I have a feeling that would probably be different too lol :sweat_smile:)


Have this bug too. I’m currently on 3500 trophies, but in friends list it’s on 3330.


Things are even worse, when I win matches, I dont get trophies and my rank remains the same :confused:


Have been like this for a day.


Is there anything reported yet about how battle screen trophy level is higher than on the friend page? Mine is no longer syncing up