I have a choice to make

Do I continue leveling my Indominus Rex past 20?
…or do I start leveling my Velociraptor to 20 and start working on Indoraptor?

I’ve heard Indoraptor isn’t as decent as it once was.

hmmm…or maybe the reason I should keep I-Rex at 20 is to save up for Erlidominus??
I’m out of my league here. Thoughts?

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Get velo to 20 ASAP. Go from there.


I would keep Indom at 20 and pursue either of the hybrids, but thats just me.


My iRex is 23 and served me very well for a time, but I haven’t used it in many moons. Guess it depends on how fast you want to progress to the uniques vs playing well for where you’re at.

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I think you should keep indominus at 20 and work on indoraptor and eventually erlido if possible. Honestly though, if any dino in the game has defense shattering rampage, it should be indominus rex. Indominus is a fast, cloaking t-rex with raptor arms and claws. Indominus would eat indo for lunch. Ludia started the game screwing up the dino movesets.

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Indominus Rex be like


Problem is if it had DSR instead of APR and cloaked, then what? It’s immune so you can’t distract it, you wouldn’t be able to put a shield up.

If you didn’t have a way to nullify it’s cloak you are pretty much dead unless you have super high health.

But yes DSR on an Indominus makes sense in terms of the actual characters sheer power.

Then again it was virtually bulletproof when Owen was shooting at it, and it doesn’t have armour in the game.


Work on Velo and then Indo. Although Indominus is good, Indo is faster and has DSR.

I don’t use either of them. Indominus was benched long ago, while Indo after 1.7. Both too much depend on RNG and Indo has more counters now.


You will not be disappointed with Indo

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Agreed, my boosted level 29 Indorap is also benched since 1.7 latest update.

I still find both Indoraptor and Erlidom are key team members; I-Rex is a bit meh so I personally wouldn’t take him over L20; my Indorap just got to L29 and is a real beast; 1.7 Meta or not. Erlidom is L27 and it does put a smile on my face when it delivers 11,151 of sparkly death to an overboosted rat.


So you have 3 dinos that depends on trex to consider: Irex, Indo, Erlidom

Let me see if I can put insight on this one:

Meta: immunity > speed > damage > health
You have a lot of folks throwing distractions with speedy dinos. Dont forget the tanks with instant distraction.

Having dinos that could help you climb arenas quicker is the way to go for lower level or new DPGs.

You only need to take velociraptor to 15 to create Irex and Erlidom. If you have enough erliko then I’d say create this unique first before indo as the velociraptor consumption is much lower. Thats the difference really, to unlock Erlidom you’re looking at an average of 1650 trex/16500 vrapt. To do the same with indo you would need to bump velociraptor to 20 from 15 which would take 23000 DNA. To unlock indo after, your average expected consumption would the same trex of 1650 and 42500 vrapt. So you’re looking at the difference of 26000 vrapt DNA needed. But before you can do this you need to bring Irex to 20 and that’s going to cost yah avg 1750 trex and 17500 raptor.

Quickest gratification would be Erlidom in regards to time you need to grind vraptor but this solely depends if you can grab erliko DNA with ease or have plenty from past events.

If you’re seeing those draco around frequently then erlidom is always a nice follow up rampage one shot solution to your problem and with Rng you may take another dino out before taking the fall.

Indo may be more of a problem since you’ll rely on RNG more if you’re slower than the opponents, say rinex. However, with cleanse and a bit of luck you may counter those speedy distractors.

Irex is just for when you’re bored and want to just do some damage and not have to think. But considering what trex could also be used for Tryko I’d say stay off the Irex bandwagon unless you have unlimited supply of trex and you just want to waste some coins.

Hope that helps yah @Mitchell_Hein


Listen to DinoL3o…That says it all.


I’m currently hoping for a boost reset of some sort so I can replace my Indo for something better. Erlidom? That’s currently looking like a permanent member on my team.
If you can handle playing the long game, Erlidom is where I would place my resources under the current meta (And probably the future)


I’ve put Indominus back on team because it’s my favourite fake dinosaur and the immunity is invaluable.

And bringing it out last and popping cloak when there is nothing they have left to stop it is great way to wrap up the match!


I love my Indo. Don’t let them tell you its not that good anymore. Its a little rng dependent but so is irex and erlidom. But if that rng does work, it also has the power to dish out 3-0s with a few boosts.

My problem with erlidom is erlik is not easy to get. Getting 50k velo dna is easier for me to get then 1k erlik.

But you should aim for both of them. And don’t forget Tryko down the line.

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I play a bit of a different game and can have all the Rex hybrids on the crew. Rex itself will be joining in once I decide to level it to team strength. Each has a niche. I created them all first, then decided which to level up. If your goal is to climb the leader board, I would create them all then choose which best fits you future needs and go with it.

Indom is 22 and a great powerhouse of an immune. Most opponents waste a nullify first shot as they expect you to cloak right off. I can usually take one out and have cloak for a Hail Mary on their next. If cloak is successful, two down. If not… I at least get to choose who to put up next knowing what they have in. I have run into some folks with swap in invincibility which is Indom kryptonite.

Indo at 23 can have a devastating rampage. Knowing when to use cleanse over strike is key. And, it has a Hail Mary evasive if it comes down to that. It is not immune, so there is that to worry about. Its cousin, Tryko, makes short work of it.

23 Erli is an immune rat killer at my trophy level. You can do some damage and then strike & run on their next or make a sacrifice strike hoping to survive for another Rampage. And, it has the old Hail May cloak too.

22 Tryko is a great mind game dino. You can pop it in for that last bit of surprise revenge kill with the counter attack or start it out. It can put a hurting on about anything but you are going to take a hit first. It has enough armor to usually survive that and cut a hunk out of their next in. Key is keeping track of your instant moves.

Rex itself has not entered the lineup yet. Still at 20 with a lot of DNA I have not decided if its counterparts are at a good level yet. I am thinking level 23 or 24 will be good for this Epic. It is raw power that has vulnerabilities but if you can get that second shot in, it is death to almost anything in its path.