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I have a discarding glitch


So I usually request for different things because I understand my alliance needs a certain Dino, and they are always donating whatever they can. It’s a great alliance, but I sometimes request at the wrong time, and whenever I request for a tarbo or a velociraptor, I usually get a good amount. However, everytime I have to discard the request I get 0 DNA. If you can help me out that would be real nice, please and thank you. You guys have done a wonderful job with this game, and I won’t be disappointed if this doesn’t get fixed for me.


You discard a request when no one has donated to it.


No one will donate when they can’t see it. Whenever I’m forced to discard something, it’s only when I know no one will actually see the request. I’m a patient guy, I don’t just give up immediately.


I’m pretty sure that whenever the big green DISCARD shows up it’s the same as COLLECT, people can’t see or donate to it after it’s ready to collect or discard.


^correct. Once the 3 hours is up its no longer visible by anybody.

U recieved no donations is what happened. Not a glitch


No it’s not that, I know I didn’t receive any donations. However usually it gives you a percentage of the request, even though no one has donated. It’s not happening for me, and it hasn’t happened for over 2 months


Umm… When was that ever a thing? It’s never given us anything if nothing was donated… Are you sure these instances weren’t just people donating to you?


It always showed 0/1400 and when I went to discard it would give me a fraction of it. It’s hsppened all the time before


You could be right and it could just be my account not showing the actual DNA donated, and instead showing 0/1400, but still still receiving it. I’ve never thought of it that way


Yeah, that’s probably it. There’s a known glitch where the donations thing displays the wrong DNA amount. It’s usually higher, though, which is the weird part… Maybe it’s an isolated incident and you’re the only one it’s happened to so far?