I have a hard time believe no tomfoolery has been done

I’m just curious if this is actually possible at level 13? I’m level 9 and I don’t have any legendaries yet … is the difference between 9 and 13 that severe?

I also got stomped and didn’t even half his Stegodeus.

Lol well anything possible who knows maybe ludia stealthily letting spoofs back in to normal arena???

Yes…totally possible. 2 were just created. Stegod is super easy to create, and one is made from 2 commons Ludia practically gave away.

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A little more than a week ago I was level 14…today I am halfway to 17. Been hoarding DNA waiting for the coins. My team is way more leveled than that one.

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The difference between 9-13 is pretty severe… ie my kid is 10 and is just starting to fuse indom and is close to syarting stegogod… i went from having no legendaries to 4 in a 2 week period… righr now at 14 i have 9 legendaries but only 5 of them are on my team. While his stegogod is a level higher his other dinos levels are pretty close to my levels.

Damn. Thanks guys. That’s an intense jump in team quality for 4 levels. The more I know.

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Just give it 2 weeks and someone will be saying the same thing about your team. Good luck hunting and spend those coins wisely!


4 levels higher than me, players have maxed out lvl 30 dinos, while mine are all around 19-23.

Depends on if your in spoof league or not rofl

I’m level 12 and have 5 Legendaries. Indominus, Stegodeus, Monolometrodon, Paramoloch, Gigaspikeasaur. My highest is Indom at level 18. Stegodeus is level 17. The rest are 16. I play for about 4 hours daily and rarely fight in the arena. It’s totally possible for a level 13 to have that team if they grind alot.

If you only level up the Dino’s you use and need then it is not only possible, but it is certain that you’ll be quite a low level.

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Leveling dinos up to lvl 20 is actually quite fast & easy if you have the dna to do it. Then comes the grinding part cos it’ll take 50,000 coins to get it to lvl 21.

Stegod might be super easy for you to create, but those that rare ever get Nodo don’t find it super easy to make. I’m lvl 11 and I have just done my first fuse on Stegod. Thankfully I got 30 dna out of it, but it will be ages now until I get Nodo dna unless they do a tank event.

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My son is level 11 and has created 8 or 9 legendaries already and his indominus is 20. At the same rate though we spend a ton of time grinding for specific needed dinos

My team looked nothing like that at 13 or 14, a few weeks ago one of my step sons said “Julie, I leveled everything up for you” :hushed: what? Needless to say I had to start saving dna again. I sure wanted to be mad. I’m almost an 18 and shouldn’t even be a 17 which is a bummer. I think some players are better at choosing the right dinos to level than others.

Same here , just got stegodeus and I’m lvl 13, nodosaure is pretty rare around my place… I got paramoloch, pyritator , indominus , monolometrodon and then stegod in that exact order for the legendaries :sweat_smile:

Nodo is a global, all locals, anytime spawn. It isn’t hard for anyone to get that spends time and covers area hunting.

Just to give an idea… the difference between level 19 and 20 is like 650,000 xp. That scenario is scaled down but the level difference gradually becomes more severe

Don’t be so narrow minded. Just because something is a global spawn doesn’t mean there’s going to be coverage in all areas. I get none in my town.

On this globe, yes it does