I have a lvl 21 unbosted thor. Wondering what the boost spread should be?

I have an unboosted thor. Wondering about the boost spread to be used in raids?

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What I would recommend

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Depends what you need it for, either for raids or for the arena. My suggestion? Save your boosts. It’s good for raids but it needs a ton of boosts and there are way way way better arena creatures.

If you’re absolutely set on using it for raids, then 9/16/5 is a decent option

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yes, true…

If there are better dinos, what would you recommend?
Cuz I thought thor would be good for mortem and hadros

there are better creatures other than Thor. Thor is probably the next go to group attacker ever since mortem had its move set changed. If you are looking for another decent fierce creature I recommend tryko and IndoT. They are both pretty solid for uniques.