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I have a problem when I'm talking to liam park where it says I'm not connected to the WiFi I've tried everything including completely turning my phone off and back on, I don't want to have to delete and restart everything after getting so far in the game


Welcome to the forums, @toast_bread! If you haven’t already, could you try forgetting the WiFi network on your device then reconnect to it and see if that helps?

If you still keep getting the error message, our support team would be glad to provide additional troubleshooting steps. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them at Thank you!

Were you able to get this fixed? I am having thr exact same issue.

Accidentally responded to a different thread with the response I had for this one. Oop. Have you been able to reach support at all?? I’ve been waiting about a week for a response and it sucks so bad. After a few days, everyone starts unmatching you, but you can’t access the app so it’s just notification after notification. :ccccc