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I have a proposal

The reward system for pvp is almost entirely random. So I have an idea to improve it. You know all that extra damage that goes to waste when you kill a dino? Well I was thinking, in the battle, there is a meter on the right side that fills up based on the extra damage. You can build it up over the course of multiple battles to get better rewards. The meter would show the current reward, then a vertical meter, then the next tier. The bar would fill up based on the extra damage and would go back to the bottom every time you hit the next tier. The tiers would be like this:

Small Incubator: 100 dmg
Standard inc: 250
Large inc: 750
Rare inc: 2000
Epic inc: 4000

Also, you would get coins after every battle based on how many kills you got.

1 kill: 500 coins
2 kills: 1000
3 kills: 1500

Tell me how you like this in the comments down below!

Edit: I forgot to mention, after you claim the reward, any extra damage points are given in coins

The reward system isn’t random. It’s on a cycle.

but if this is an extra reward for just participating in the arena then i’m all for it.


This would be a major strategy changer because now you have motivation to use, for example, DSR to kill an opponent with 10 hp left.

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Also it would be more motivation to participate in the arena because right now most people have given up on pvp

Maybe after every season ends, the reward is automatically given to you no matter what tier

Everyone is gonna drop to arena 1 and use their max boosted revenge cloaking erlidoms 4× epic incubators per battle lol


Yes that is another problem. Matchmaking should be based on your high score, not your current score.

why green and red lines…

Note: This would be EXCLUSIVELY pvp because campaign and strike events would be exploitable

Well hey there level 6 Ankylosaurus. How well do you do against a level 27 Boosted Mortem? Oops, did I go 5k over on damage with that Fierce Rampage?