I have a question about augmented reality

Sorry for my bad English.
I have A question about augmented reality .

Can players edit videos shot in augmented reality and post them on social media such as Twitter?

The point of taking the AR photos and vid’s is to share them. I guess it depends on what you mean by edit them?

I film them and post them on my Facebook page, an attempt to educate friends and family about dinosaurs.


Thank you Mr.Colin.

I’m so spared because of the virus that I want to make something like a simple dinosaur movie trailer and post it on Twitter.
What happens in this case?

I don’t think you would have a problem with that so long as you made mention that it was made with JWA. If you do make it, please post it here too. I think it would be cool to watch.


We would definitely want to see your dinosaur movie trailer, waffuru_36. :smiley:


I’m glad to hear that. I haven’t completed it, but I would like to send you as much trailers as possible from Japan. The quality is likely to be like a B-grade movie.

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For the first time today, I touched the kindness of foreigners. I’m really happy!!!And I like you!!!