I have a question about Boosts

If for example I boost the speed on the indominus will the speed of the indoraptor be increased as well when I’ll be able to create it?
Is it worth boosting the legendaries or should I save them for the uniques ‘If I’ll ever be able to unlock them’ :sweat_smile:

You’ll have to boost Indoraptor separately once you’ve created her. :slight_smile:

If you don’t boost legendary creatures, then you’ll have a tough time in the arena while you wait to get any Uniques.

The arena it’s already killing me :rage: but I’ll try to wait until the uniques arrives.

My indominus is almost level 20 and the allosino is level 18.

For the indominus there’s plenty of velo up there but the T’rex I find only once or twice in a week😥 but the biggest challenge is finding the sino, I spot the sino only one time since I play the game and now that he’s replaced from the team awards I can say goodbye to thor😱

Use the sanctuaries. I placed a Sino there and got a few fuses for my Utasino already.