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I have a question



So I’ve been playing this game for 5/6 months now, here’s where I’m up to:

I haven’t played religiously every day, nor have I spent any money.

Realistically, how long is it going to take me now to unlock the majority of legendaries? Aside from allosino this week, i feel like I’ve been halted for ages. Is there a point where making coins suddenly gets easier(higher level)? I seem to see photos of people with 300k+ coins all the time and I never seem to top 20k hah.

Advice appreciated. Cheers

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Regarding coins: It’s really difficult to all of us to get coins, but treasure chests are a good way to get them, also do all the SE, you get coins for that as well. And spend wisely, for instance, irri g2 at that lvl is a waste of coins, also stego at that lvl. You need to lvl only what its going to get you legendaries and uniques in the future. You see a lot of ppl with a lot of coins because they either buy them or dont lvl their dinos. Before 1.6 i had 500k because i was waiting to lvl my dinos to see what get nerfs and what doesnt. And now i spend all of it, leveling the dinos that create uniques.
I hope this helps


How often do you play and for how long?


Yea I had my irri up to that level before dg2 got its rampage hah. Same with Stego, he was an animal when superiority strike cleansed wound and speed. In hindsight I could have had my suchotator so much higher. Ah well


I go through phases. Recently I’ve been playing every day, but for the most part it’s been 2 days on 3 days off since I started playing


Without paying for anything other than VIP, I average almost 40,000 free coins per day.


How many minutes per session and how far do you travel while playing.


The reason I ask is because if you just play from home or office for only a few minutes. It will take a long time and you will be limited to just a few legendary etc Dino’s.

Just getting your breeding ones up to level takes thousands of DNA and coin.


Honestly, this is a pay for win game. Those ppl you saw with lots of coins either paid a lot for coins or they are VIP and have been saving coins.

I find it hard to understand ludia. If I were them, I would make the spawns appear more. Then ppl would need lots of coins to fuse and level up the dinos they want and I would make money. But no, they do not. If I were them, I would lower the incubator prices and attract more players to pay. But they do not. If I were them, I would rather make ppl have uniques and legendaries a bit easier. In this case, the arena would be more diversed and more ppl would be willing to battle. Additionally, players would feel more fun to be able to create many dinos instead of lots of frustrated players. If I were them, I would add new dinos more frequently to keep the players playing this game and spending coins, but they do not. They rely on making the game hard to keep the game stay long. I don’t understand their business strategies and I can feel they lost many players over the months.

I do feel that it must be hard for you to climb up. You may be one of those who really love the game and want to try harder but more others probably would give up. So my point is, ludia, you really need to think a way to improve the overall game experience.


This game ain’t pay to win. It’s pay to dominate.

If you are active.
If you are intent on playing battling etc to have fun.

Then you can have fun with little or no monetary investment.

If your goal is to beat mark the shark then be prepared to spend mortgage payments and squire a large amount of skill and invest a lot of time.

This was meant for the above poster.

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Honestly, that probably explains my lack of coins… I don’t get out much, but playing this game definitely helps. :thinking:


Yeah I play on the way to work, and on my days off. On my days off it’s mostly stay at home lots of battles and scooping any thing in range. I play next to my wife… Some times on days off it’s like…

“hey Hun look you epic never seen Dino is just out of range”

Me : Naw forget it. (while I’m hanging phone out the window trying to get closer) too far away.