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I have a really good suggestion

Can you please please please do an update on creature list so that we can search for abilities of certain dinosaurs. For example I want to do a map battle and it suggests using dinosaurs with lockdown pinning and immunity abilities. I hate having to go into each individual dinosaur one at a time to try finding any of them dinosaurs with those particular abilities. It would be so nice and so much easier if we had a way to bring up just those dinosaurs alone with any of those 3 abilities by themselves. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only player who would love love love being given that option. Thank you

Download jwa field guide it has that feature where you can find the moves easily

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I do have field guide downloaded. It gives things like critical speed armor and tier but it doesn’t give things like immunity pinning lockdown dig in those different abilities

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Type “immune” or “pinning” into the search bar of the JWA field guide app.

When you’re doing a map battle that requires a specific type of dino it makes those dinos are at the top and the only ones not added out. The game is already helping you with this

Go to the tab that says move

Hey @Kitkat10683 I’m the developer of JWA Field Guide so I’m glad you’re using that! The best way to see which Dinos have specific moves is to enter a search term (like “immun” (that’s not a typo — “immun” will cover “immunity” and also “immune to…” moves) and then tap on the “Move” icon to group all the Dinos with some sort of immunity by their moves. You can do the same for any other search term.

Pro tip! If you’re looking at a Dino’s details and you want to see which other Dinos share the same particular move, just tap the move icon and it will show you ALL Dinos with that move. You can do the same for Spawn Location.