I have a solid gold pack issue and the support team just ignores me

I have already contacted the JWTG support team several times, but my problem has not been solved properly and they are ignoring my mail, defining that they have solved it. So I send them the last mail and I also post it on the forum too, so that they can read it.

I’ve played this game at least six years, and I’m not a kid asking for free dinosaurs for no reason.

This will be my last contact to JWTG. So I hope you guys read it properly.

I bought 81 solid gold packs,
lost connection 8 times while opening the card pack,
and after opening all the card packs, I got only 59 Vip creatures.
I received eight creatures through the last support service,
but I still have at least 14 creatures missing.

And that’s why I contacted the support team from the beginning.

But the Game Support Department is ignoring my all explain, and just saying it that there were only eight disconnects.

I’ve already sent you all the evidence during the last contact. and i dont know about this stupid bug.

If you don’t believe me, just check my creature hatching record, and you’ll find I didn’t do anything. or check my entire account record. Or you can access my account directly. That’s why the support team exists.


I played this game at least Six years and I’m not a kid asking for free dinosaurs for no reason. as i already said.

and my innocence has evidence in all my accounts.

I hope you guys check it out, cause I’ve done enough with this case. and This will be my last email to JWTG support service. if this email is ignored too, I will leave this game and contact to Ludia directly