I have a spot for my team

Well my thordo is really not that great on PvP and I have been planning to change it for other creatures, and I have some contestants that i could use but I do not know who so I going to ask you and the most voted will win
(BTW I do not know how to put votes so is like this)
so here they are:

Diorajasaurus 25
Indoraptor (22 can level up)
Phorurex ( 22 can be level up)
Spinoconstrictor (22 can be level up)
Testacornibus (22 avel to level up 2 times)
Albertospinus (21)
Andrewtops (21)
Gryposuchus (21 can be level up)
Parasauthops (21 can be level up 2 times)
Utarinex ( 21 can be level up)

So pls help me

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I would get para to 23 or spinocon and use them

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Can I see your team

My screenshots are broken but I will tell you here:
Trykosaurus (25)
Geminititan (25)
Magnapritor (25)
Skoonasaurus (23)
Scorpius Rex G3 (25)
horadolosaurus (23)
Indotaurus ( 24)
Monolorhino (25)

Albert Sr., Andrewtops, Spinocon and Para T. all seem like very solid options.

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@BlackDoggy For now replace Thor with ParaT since you have the most DNA for it but with you have the DNA Coins and Boosts replace Tryko Magna and Gemini with Andrew Spinocon and Albert


Not me who needs replacement help lol