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I have a suggestion for Pikel

Hi, Ludia.
Thank you for your hard work.

In fact, I was a little disappointed with Pikel.
Shapeshifting is Druid’s signature but Pikel can’t. So I give you an Idea of transformation.

Combine shapeshifting with movement spells.

For example,

Rare pants(Block) are Bear form.
Common pants(AC+/extra action) are Wolf form.
Legendary pants(extra action) are Panther form.
Epic pants(heal) are Human form.

How about this?

Sorry for my bad English. :yum:


Hello @Dungeoneer,

Thank you for sharing, your suggestion has been forwarded to the team!


It is truly remarkable (not in the good way) that they made a Druid with no transformation. Besides speaking Druidic, Wild Shape is literally the first and most defining trait of being a Druid. At the very least he should be able to summon a beast or awaken a tree or something.


Was a little wary that they could implement shapeshifting into game well. Then when they gave the brief description It wasn’t mentioned. I kind of expected it, but druid without shapeshifting is disappointing. From brief play in warrior draft would say has some potential with regen+injure immunity. It would be nice for the different classes to play differently though, and don’t feel like new characters are achieving that.

As cool as shape shifting would be the fact that the druid in question is Pikel it makes sense he can’t. If you look at his stats he is a lvl 9 fighter 4 druid. Going back to 2nd edition D&D when he was first introduced druids couldn’t even shape shift until lvl 7. He also had trouble even talking to animals which would be trivial for a normal druid. He is not exactly “all there” as you would say. I think they lost the opportunity for a “cooler” druid type character by introducing one that is already in lore but that probably 1% of people who play the game even tell you who he is let alone read any of the books he is in. So in this case the abilities make sense but at the same time i think an opportunity was lost.

I agree with these sentiments. Implementing a druid without shape-shifting is like constructing an igloo in a desert. Forecasting a disappointing result is equally easy in both cases. Perhaps WotC may need to provide efficient oversight. A more suitable 5th edition druid should have been recommended. This being said, I doubt Pikel will be dud like Jarlaxle. it is far more likely some users will find the hero favorable.

Your English is better than many I know. And it’s their first language…lol