I have a VERY BAD feeling about this! 😨

So I got to the part where Eveline/Jade receives a package. It’s a rusty kitchen knife with the MC’s name engraved on it, which is terrifying. Then Eveline/Jade talks about how she installed a state-of-the-art security system, but someone completely bypassed it; then she all of a sudden wants to break up.

She can’t want to break up? It has to be the guy I completely and utterly humiliated on her Livestream. He’s sent Eveline/Jade the knife, hacked her security system and has now hacked her phone and is saying those things while pretending to be her (or worse). So after a bit of convincing, I manage to get “Eveline/Jade” to meet up for a face-to-face, but it’s not going to be Eveline/Jade. It’s going to be that psycho.

Honestly, it’s extremely distressing to think that people in the real-life would ever act like this.

I’ve been having a mild coronary over it all. As soon as she mentioned the package I knew who it was from. It’s really hard to believe that people like the stalker could exist but they do and it’s terrifying.

I’d put money on the stalker being a long time fan that started off innocent enough but became obsessed. They developed a relationship with her in their head and see her cam sessions as a slight against them now.

Control via fear and MC became a hurdle by not being afraid.

I’m thinking that it is her but she’s scared and trying to put up a front to protect MC. Kind of like Dr. Vile did with his cliffhanger. Reminds me of the Grant Amato case to be honest. Weirdly enough I feel like the stalker is a woman. Dont know why.

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It was her, and you could tell she was scared, and she didn’t want to do it, but even if you tell her “I love you,” she still seems distant, I’m so confused, but now she’s grey. Hopefully, she returns soon before she returns. It hasn’t been that long, and the suspense is already killing me!

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Yeah… reeling. Fully caught up now and I just kind of stared at my phone for a bit. :scream::exploding_head::triumph:

I’m thinking blackmail. The ex. Though I did have a quick thought that it might be a family member trying to scare her straight.

I reckon it’s her ex or a delusional/overly attached fan. I can’t imagine it would be her family because they disowned her. Them doing something like this is the opposite of disownment.

What if her ex is 0z0? :exploding_head:

Don’t think stories can overlap like that, but it definitely make me think of him.


I’m finally almost there after the knife incident my heart has been torn out. I was in shock still am I feel for Jade