I have an idea for tournaments

What about double battles for tournaments so I’m thinking there will be some moves that hit the 2 opposing creatures like roar and some other moves as well. Tell me wat u think!

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Good idea. But then it will change the whole mechanic of the tournaments, and may very well crash the system.

Too much coding, better they will skip it. :joy:

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My idea would be rig tournaments where you can only use members of a certain rig

What’s a rig? I do think that they could do some different things with the battles. It’s the same thing over and over and over. The tournaments are the freshest thing the game has to offer since we get to battle with dinos that we don’t usually play with, but a lot of times the tournaments follow the same format over and over again. I feel like there should be different battle options like unboosted or battles of the same rarity or just anything a little different than the same old because it gets … old