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I have an idea! 💡

The support team has been saying for a while that the dev team is working hard on a "Release Schedule."

With it most recently being said by @John on a thread last week saying, '…as they work on creating a release schedule that we think all of our players will enjoy.'

But the only people who seem to enjoy this current “Release Schedule” fully are the players who match exclusively with male characters, and for me, as I’m sure it is for many of you, this is NOT a “Release Schedule” that I’m enjoying.

So, I have an idea for a Release Schedule that everyone will enjoy:
They update a male character on a Tuesday, and a female character on a Thursday.
It’s quite literally is that simple, so simple I honestly can’t believe the dev team didn’t think of it.


I agree and recently it’s not making me want to play even with characters I like because no female content

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Even though I only play the male characters, I think this is a really good idea. What is the point of playing if your matches update once everry 3 months. Hopefully Ludia will take into consideration.


Whilst I do prefer male characters, I have 2 points to say

  1. Excellent idea that can give more people what they want
  2. I WISH they would update DIFFERENT males not the same ones over and over, I really enjoyed Julien alexander, oliver black and tiros darkmane they were my 3 fave stories and it feels like they have been abandoned to focus on the kpop boys with their drama and antoine who meets up with you then runs off somewhere else in the world without any notice.
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we need more updates and different characters. it’s frustrating that they keep bringing back the same characters. we need more than two comebacks per week

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I honestly don’t want to play anymore because of the whole update debacle, but yet every Tuesday and Thursday, I come back to check only to have my heart broken… again. :cry::broken_heart::sob:

In an ideal world, we would have more updates and more variety in the characters returning, but unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world.

Also, in an ideal world, Ludia would release a complete game. This game needs to be put in the Early Access category.

I have been playing one of Lovelink’s rivals while waiting and it’s far better for female content

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that’s really smart actually and yet quite simple. this is a really good idea.

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I did try one of Lovelink’s rivals, and I can’t remember which one. But I didn’t like it as the two matches I got were uninteresting, and the writing felt janky and disjointed, so I deleted the app.

I didn’t download another one as I only got hooked on Lovelink after downloading it out of interest one day cause I was bored. It’s not the kind of game I usually tend to play.

There’s two rivals to LoveLink, MeChat which is wacky and silly. Also there’s Swiit Crush which is the one I was talking about. I prefer the writing and it helps there’s 26 available female characters with regular updates. I have no idea on the male characters since I am satisfied with the female content

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Same. I only play the male characters but I never know when they’re coming back

9 months I’ve been waiting for Vittoria to come back from Russia. I’m pretty sure that’s more than one lunar cycle, so she’s probably eaten quite a few goats by now.