I have an idea


How about a website on the internet that shows you how many drops there are at your local parks, so it could save people time and gas, maybe the nearest park only has 2 drop when another a couple blocks further could have as much as 10. Just a thought for developers, p.s. i live this game :slight_smile:


This is a good idea except since the update my closest park sometimes has 6 drops and sometimes it has 4. :face_with_monocle:


Thank you, i wish there was a way to find out how many drops the near by parks had so we could just go to that one more often as a community


This would be so good as the parks in my area now have no drops at all and I’m unsure where else I should venture to… I’ve looked up google maps though and just gone for the “biggest green places” but some of them aren’t coming across as green in JWA.


also, a map of your local area showing where certain creatures tend to spawn would be nice. like, i need to get a certain animal for a hybrid, but waiting for him to spawn close to me is a huge waste of time…would be nice to know i could plan a short road trip to get the genetic material needed.


Been patiently waiting for the metahub peoples to launch something like this. Maps based on user input. It’s probably too much work.


I believe the game Ingress has this similair website.


or you could just drive over there once and check. it’s not like one week it will have 20 and the next it will have 2. it seems to stay the same at least until the next update.