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I Have An Issue With Something No One Else Does - Because Ludiacris It's the Little Things

So Ludiacris strikes again by showing you the icons for Cunning, Fierce and Resilient as well as Wild Card. What they don’t do is something so simple… get the order right. The words do not match the icons.

This might not be important to anyone else, but imagine if you didn’t know who Ariana Grande was nor did you know who Emma Watson was. Now imagine they are both on television… and the girls are sitting with Ari to the left and Emma to the right, however the graphic says Emma Watson and Ariana Grande. This is absolutely unacceptable to me!

You had the time to write Cunning + Fierce and put the icons in the correct order. You had time to write Fierce + Resilient and put the icons in the correct order. You… didn’t have the time to simply write Cunning + Resilient? You had to put Resilient + Cunning even though the Cunning icon comes before the Resilient icon?

Again, I know we have more pressing issues, but come on Ludia… this is Ludiacris! Again.

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Hi, EllehcimEyanahc. The team has been made aware of this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this with us!

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Honestly I would prefer if they changed the icon so that resiilient was first, because otherwise there’s two combo-icons with cunning first and none with resiilient first. And it makes sense for other reasons. For cunning-fierce, cunning beats fierce. For fierce-resilient, fierce beats resiilient. So for the cunning/resiilient combo, it should be resilient-cunning, because resiilient beats cunning. But of course changing the icon is harder than changing the words. But I think changing the icon might add a bit more clarity.