I have an issue with stunning impact and slowing impact!


I hate it when you have a slowing impact on an opponent and then stun them but the slowing impact runs out and they have the next go even though you stunned them! The stun should stop them having next go no matter what! I feel this is a massive issue which needs to be sorted in the next update!

Stun & speed reducer bug

Nothing wrong with that. Stun mean your opponent lose 1 turn to performing move, here an example
A vs B (given A faster)
1st turn
A attack first
B slowing impact A
2nd turn
B attack first
3rd turn
B attack first
B stun A
A stunned
slowing runs out A flee from slowing debuff
4th turn
A attack first and perform its move
But here is what you understand.
Jump to 3rd turn
B attack first
B stun A
A stunned
4th turn
A attack first but it cant because it under stun duration
So you get 2 turn stun?


I have noticed that when stunning an opponent that has speed reduced that if in that turn the speed reduction expires, that the return to full speed wipes out the stun. Can you please fix.


I fully understand what is going on but I believe it is wrong. If you stun your opponent, and it’s not always guaranteed that you do, then you should get the next go! Cos your opponent will usually wipe you out even though you’ve just stunned them


Agreed mark! It’s more frustrating when it decides the match as well! That stun and you getting the next go could eat you the win


You took one of his attacks what else do you want


How about playing to the skills strengths instead of their weaknesses? You now know you can’t effectively stun someone who goes from slower to faster so use it to your advantage. When you are slowed, use stun, then use a speedup skill (or slow opponent). This will give you 3 attacks in a row if the stun lands. I do this all the time on Tragodistis. Let someone slow me, use Stun (stun lands), use super strike (cleansed and slow enemy), then use a rampage since now im faster and get to go first on turn 3.


This doesn’t make sense. The stun still works.

If you’re slower and you are stunned, that means you don’t get to use the move you’ve selected for that turn. If you are faster and you are stunned, you don’t get to SELECT a move next.

A stun isn’t skipped in this case. Priority is changed. The opponent is still stunned, still can’t use the move they selected, and the stun isn’t negated by the change in speed – the next turn just begins and the speed negation is gone.

It is part of the strategy. For instance, I see it often with Superiority Strike. When Superiority strike hits me and I am normally faster, it is to my advantage to use a stunning move next turn and regain priority. It essentially gives me three hits.

Turn 1
Opponent: Superiority Strike or Thagomizer or some slowing move
Me: Stunning Move.

Turn 2:
Opponent: Stunned
Me: Regain Priority via Superiority Strike running out and me getting to do damage or via cleansing a thagomizer with my own superiority strike

Turn 3:
Me: Hard hitting move
Opponent: Dead hopefully

In this case, it APPEARS I got 3 turns in a row. But really I only got two. I just moved specifically recognizing priority would switch (or that I would regain priority).

Stun always removes ONE MOVE from the opponent. What you’re saying is broken isn’t. You had priority (opponent being slowed by a previous move you played). You and the opponent selected a move. Your move stunned the opponent (preventing them from using the move they selected). And now they SHOULD have priority if your slowing move duration has run out.

They shouldn’t lose 2 moves. They should lose one.